Strategies for Academic Success

See below for important questions you should be asking yourself in regard to your academic success. In addition to asking yourself these questions, please take time review our TOP 10 TIPS FOR ACADEMIC SUCCESS and TOP 10 CAUSES OF ACADEMIC FAILURE.

Are you struggling with your courses? Are you feeling overwhelmed with your coursework? Are you currently on academic warning or probation? Are you worried you will be placed on academic warning, probation or suspension?

To be a successful college student, there are certain strategies that MUST be followed. Ask yourself these simple questions:

    • Have you registered for a realistic course load?


    • Have you purchased all of the necessary materials for each of your classes (books, iClicker, etc.) and are you using them (including online resources)?


    • Are you attending class regularly, on time, and prepared?


    • Do you read the chapters on the syllabus before each class?


    • Are you reviewing your notes daily after every class?


    • Are you studying daily? (You should schedule study time every day)


    • Are you studying enough? (Did you know you should be studying at least TWICE as many hours as your course load? That means 12 semester hours equates to 24 hours of study time per week)


    • Are you studying effectively? (Did you know that studies have shown that studying for several hours straight or late at night is not effective?)


  • Are you communicating with your academic advisor about any concerns/issues you have?

A successful college student will answer YES to all of the above questions! If you answered NO to any of the above questions, you should consider talking with your academic advisor to create a plan of action that will help you be more successful. You should also take advantage of the FREE resources available to you at ECU and online. Please see Current Student Resources.