Registration Process & Resources

Advisor Kudos!

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Registration Process

In order to register for classes, students must schedule an appointment with their academic advisor to receive advising and a registration PIN. (*Note-registration pins change each semester so students must see advisor each semester.) Registration for the spring semester usually occurs after fall break; registration for the fall & summer semesters usually occurs after spring break. For best availability, students should plan to see academic advisor at least 2-3 weeks before break.

Prior to registering for classes, students should check Banner for any holds that will prevent course registration. If you have a hold, contact the appropriate office to have it remedied. See HOLDS.

Prior to your Advising Appointment

Before meeting with your advisor, students should be prepared. You should come prepared with questions, a general understanding of your major requirements, and a list of potential classes you wish to take for a specific semester. Your prep does not need to be perfect as your advisor will give you guidance. Below you will find links to assist you in preparing for registration and your appointment:

Degree Works  – Understanding your Degree Worksheet and Creating your Degree Plan.

Four-Year Degree Plans – List of degrees with recommended course sequence by semester.

University Catalogs – Look-up degree requirements, academic rules and regulations, etc.

Gen Ed Courses – Common 1000-2000 level GE courses. Please refer to the undergraduate catalog (under courses) for a complete list.

Placement Information  – Placement questions regarding math, chemistry, foreign language, CLEP, etc.

Registration Instructions – Step-by-Step registration instruction using the add/drop page. See here for other guides related to registration.

Searching for an Online Class – Step-by-step registration instructions for finding an online course. See here for other guides related to registration.

Registration Problems  – Common registration problems/issues and how to resolve the issue.

Schedule Planner – Schedule Planner is a tool to help you plan your schedule. This tool allows you to enter your desired courses to create the perfect schedule based on your needs. NOTE – adding courses to your cart does not reserve seats or register you for those courses. You will need to take the final step to register.

Pre-Professional Advising – Information for those interested in pursuing a pre-professional area (pre-medical, pre-dental, allied health, pre-law, etc).

Registrar’s Office – Registration schedule, ordering transcripts, enrollment verification, etc.